Weybridge Cake Maker

Jayanne a Weybridge Cake Maker realised that customers needed an easier, quicker approach for ordering cakes. Our simple online purchasing process coupled with Cake Girl's dedication to beautiful, delicious cakes ensures the highest quality of bake and service for your special occasion. We offer a fantastic selection of customisable 'ready to order' cakes, available from our online store. On the other hand, if you have a specific request, fill out this form to design your own custom cakes.

Where it started
Cake Girl was founded by Jayanne, a qualified cake maker based in Weybridge specialising in Cake Artistry, Patisserie, and Confectionery. Jayanne had the good fortune to work with Michelin Star chefs, notably Michael Caines and Gary Rhodes. While training as a chef she gravitated towards assisting in the kitchen's bakery department.

As Jayanne's love for cake making developed, she received many requests from family and friends for cakes. It was the overwhelming positive feedback from her first "real" wedding cake created for her sister that finally convinced Jayanne to become a full-time cake maker and so Cake Girl was born.

Ordering is easy
Firstly, choose from our best-selling cakes and then select your preferred flavour and toppings.

What's your special occasion?
There are many reasons to celebrate with one of our cakes. Have you thought of proposing with a cake? or announcing you’re having a boy or a girl with blue or pink buttercream? Baby shower cakes, smash cakes, engagement cakes... how about surprising a colleague with one of our corporate cakes with your company logo to promote your business.

Nothing is more important to us than making your event extra special so we're happy to talk through any special requirements.

Whatever your thinking of celebrating I’m happy to talk through your requirements.

In the PressCheck out the articles featuring Jayanne in the newspaper and her story on Brooklands Radio.

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