Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Cakes

There's so many ways to celebrate babies! So we've made sure to get them all covered. With a vibrant selection of cakes and cupcakes to choose from, you'll have the perfect celebration gift for your special day.

Baby shower cakes

We have baby shower cakes for boys, baby shower cakes for girls, and even unisex cakes. Available in a variety of different styles, sponges, and designs too.

Planning a baby gender reveal party?

Our speciality gender reveal cakes and gender reveal cupcakes are perfect for your celebration. "Surprise on the inside" gender reveal cakes are so popular, will it be a boy or a girl? The gender becomes apparent by cutting into the cake.

You can ask your sonographer to send over the results of your scan to us and we will make a he or she cake especially for you. If you have a custom gender reveal cake you require please contact us.

Order your dream cake today. 

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