Burn Away Cake
Burn Away Cake

What are burn-away cakes? A beautifully decorated cake with a printed image hidden underneath which can be completely personalised. The top image which is visible is lit on fire and smoothly burns away.

The internet is fired up over a new flaming edible – burn-away cakesThis trending cake on instagram and TikTok is now available from Cake Girl London. 

Our products are NOT suitable for anyone who suffers from an allergy. For a full list of ingredients please do pop us a message.

Product info

We can cater for special dietary requirements such as Gluten Free, Diary Free, Egg Free, Vegan, Halal and made without Nuts. Whilst great care is taken in the production of special dietary requirement orders, it is possible that your cake may contain trace amounts as they are prepared in the same kitchen that handle these ingredients. We are not certified “Free From”.
It is the purchaser's responsibility to notify all consumers of such allergens.

Burn Away Cake

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