Maple & Pecan Plaits & Pan Au Raisin
Maple & Pecan Plaits & Pan Au Raisin

A soft, warm pastry filled with custard (frangipane) and plump raisins. Warm from the oven, they are at their irresistible best. 

Each warm maple pecan pastry is filled with crunchy pecans, butter, and more maple syrup. It’s a sweet treat perfect to serve for breakfast and a great accompaniment with tea or coffee. Both are made in our own kitchen and delivered fresh, straight from the oven.

Minimum order 4  x maple & pecan plait and 4 x pan au raisin.

These lovely pecan plaits & pain aux raisins' can be yours, we just need 48 hours to deliver. All our breakfast items are hand made so image may vary slightly.

Product info

We can cater for special dietary requirements such as Gluten Free, Diary Free, Egg Free, Vegan, Halal and made without Nuts. Whilst great care is taken in the production of special dietary requirement orders, it is possible that your cake may contain trace amounts as they are prepared in the same kitchen that handle these ingredients. We are not certified “Free From”.
It is the purchaser's responsibility to notify all consumers of such allergens.

Maple & Pecan Plaits & Pan Au Raisin

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